Miami International is at the forefront of airport sustainability.

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The history of FlyGreenMIA energy conservation

For the past decade, MIA has partnered with FPL Services to implement multiple energy conservation projects throughout the airport. Currently in Phase 6, the timeline below highlights our projects and accomplishments in becoming a leader in airport sustainability.

2005: MIAs Buildings 25, 100, and Garages

This project included a comprehensive analysis of the energy systems at MIA. Through this evaluation, the following energy conservation and equipment upgrades were recommended and implemented:

  • Lighting retrofits for parking garages
  • Complete renovation of lighting system including daylighting controls for the hangar area Building 25
  • Chiller replacement (two 450-ton) and plant controls
  • Chiller plant upgrade including larger chillers, new chilled water and condenser water pumps for Building 100
  • Cooling tower retrofits, control modifications for the air handling units (AHUs), connection of the chiller plant control system to the MIA building management system (BMS), and modifications to the primary/secondary chilled water piping
  • Replaced six air handling units (AHUs) in Building 25, including converting four units to variable flow
  • Water conservation with the installment of low-flow fixtures

Despite hurricanes Charley, Frances and Jean, the project was completed on time and on budget.

Now boarding:
energy savings.

Controlling temperature, humidity, and CO2 monitoring in a space as large as MIA is quite a task. That’s why we’ve replaced our air-handling units with more efficient ones, which have energy management controls and new valves and sensors.

Energy efficiency is the key to our future, and we’re working to save 35 million kilowatt hours of energy each year.

Bringing airport equipment up-to-date with highly efficient replacements saves energy and time, with less maintenance required and easier energy control. We’re even taking preventative measures to reduce the amount of flickers that can cause interruptions and system downtime. In areas like baggage claim, this improvement is critical and has resulted in faster baggage pickup for travelers and a better overall airport experience.

Not all bulbs
are created equal.

Introducing a more streamlined approach to lighting. Fewer kinds of lighting systems mean fewer parts and pieces to keep track of and store. And more efficient bulbs mean maintenance might not have to replace a single light bulb for 10 years.

We’ve eliminated 400 different types of lighting, streamlining maintenance to save time and kilowatts.

A sight for more eyes. By upgrading more than 100,000 light bulbs, we’re making it easier for everyone to see—whether it’s a book you’re reading or an agent checking your ticket—with the right light, the airport is moving even more smoothly.

Water, water everywhere.
And now, there’s even more.

Using less water is good for all of us. There have been a lot of changes to help the airport use less water, like switching out front-load washers and upgrading the restroom facilities. And, with more efficient air conditioning systems and air cooling systems, travelers stay cool while using less energy.

We’re using less water, saving up to 28 million gallons annually.

What is 28 million gallons? So far, the airport has saved the equivalent of about 42 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

FlyGreenMIA is reducing our carbon footprint while reinvesting in our community.

Miami International Airport is committed to producing less greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the airport’s carbon footprint by 20%.

With the Sustainability project at MIA, we’re reducing our carbon footprint while adding jobs and investment for our community.

More jobs for our community.These changes are happening thanks to companies and businesses located right here in Florida.